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Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl

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Ryan Krafthefer

Free Account, Chillicothe

Brown Eyed Girl

I absolutely love her eyes. Added some exposure to them to really bring out the color. I hope you enjoy. =]

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  • Ending 12/09/2008 21:57

    jen, I believe that the picture is perfectly composed and seems to give drama by the way it was taken.

    she seems to be angry, vicious under her amber eyes.
  • Ryan Krafthefer 11/09/2008 5:03

    that was actually the whole picture itself. I did no cropping. I have a photo of the whole face, but i have not worked on it yet.
  • J e n n i f e r E. 10/09/2008 20:48

    She has beautiful eyes for sure.

    But I am not conviced by the crop! ^^ Maybe you should try a different one, where we could all her face, or just her eyes!