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Steve Adcock

Free Account, Oakbank, Australia

Bring it on!

Fantastic display.


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  • vittorio L 28/01/2009 23:36

    The power of the nature is in this photo!!
    Ciao, Vittorio.
    vittorio L
  • Steve Adcock 01/08/2007 12:56

    Hey guys, thanks for your comments.

    I'm not such a believer in LUCK.

    I was heading home after being out at the movies, and saw the lightening. It was around midnight, so instead of heading for bed, I got my wet weather gear on, drove to the top of a big hill, hung onto a steel handled umbrella in the rain and lightening (Quite silly really) while snapping away for the next hour or so. While doing so I had to travel home a couple of times to put a few minutes of extra charge my camera battery since it wasn't charged before I started. A lesson there for all of us!

    The more I practise, and get out there with my camera, the luckier I get.

    Funny about that!
  • Canan Oner 01/08/2007 11:15

    This is amazing !..You are so lucky to be at the right spot; at the right time.
    Best regards,
  • MAURICE CLEGG 31/07/2007 20:05

    wonderful, i think these type of shots are amazing, the power of nature.
    regards, maurice,
  • PitSauerland 31/07/2007 18:38

    Hi Steve. Das find ich faszinierend. Muss ich auch mal probieren. Glueckwunsch zu diesem Eyecatcher. LG Peter