Bridge of the Arrábida

Bridge of the Arrábida

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Bridge of the Arrábida

The Bridge of the Arrábida went tosecond bridge between Oporto and V. N.Gaia to be built for the road circulation, being one of six still existent bridges inthe city of Oporto, when there is this inconstruction order the Bridge of D.Maria Pia, the Bridge Luís I, the Bridgeitself of the Arrábida, the Bridge of SaintJohn, the Bridge of the Ash and theBridge of the Prince.
About the decade of forty there wasnoticed that the circulation in the BridgeLuís I, between Oporto and V. N. Gaia,was done with much difficulty, causedespecially by the demographicexpansion of the district of Oporto andof the district of V. N. Gaia, and wasrecognized the necessity of analternative journey. In March of 1952the J. A. E. (Autonomous board of theRoads, awarded the preparation of thedrafts to an Engineer of Bridges ofworld-wide renown - the Teacher EdgarCardoso. The project would come to beapproved in 1955 and finished in 1963.
In spite of they had affirmed severalrenowned engineers of some countriesthat the bridge in this format would notlast much time, so, this work d'arte itstill continues of foot.
The Engineer responsible for his projectand construction was Edgar Cardoso.

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