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Jennifer Thompson

Free Account, Wooster, Ohio


I know that the lighting isn't the greatest in this picture, but I think this picture honestly catches the "real life." Everyone who sees this picture and knows my brother says "Now, that's Brian!"

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  • Dirk Hofmann 09/09/2004 9:26

    hi jennifer!
    welcome to fotocommunity.com!

    first thing i thought was: nuklear attack ... you didn't try to kill him with your flash, did you ... ;-)))

    yes, i read it ... you admit a poor light ... so try to separate camera and flash next time, will you?

    you obtained one goal every photographer trys to reach in showing your brother the way he is to people who already know him ... but i would like to learn something about him to ... by putting him into a studio-like atmosphere you focus on him, but you don't show anything of his usual surroundings or things he does ...

    so i can see a young man, sitting and laughing ... but nothing else ...

    technical you could use more contrast and sharpness to improve the photo ...

    i hope my comment gives you some impressions how other people (in fact only one other person) sees your photo and you got some suggestions for your next ones ...