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Frank Dunn

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Born Survivor

This is the same little chap in the photo's "licking my nuts", --"someones
coming" it looks like he's been shot. He did not seem to be in pain
infact he was very fast on his feet and did not seem to bother him.
I would hate to think some one had taken a gun against this beautiful

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  • Geoff Ashton 14/03/2007 21:23

    he looks burnt
    womder how some thing like that could happen
    he nealy fited in the foto this time
    cheers geoff
  • Daren Borzynski 14/03/2007 0:53

    Excellent little animal!!... great images of them Frank.
    Hopefully see more of him in years to come!!

  • BRYAN CRUTE 13/03/2007 22:59

    How can anybody shoot these beautiful animals, shame on them.
    Great picture if a little sad.