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Eli Samuel Santa

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  • melissa marsh 21/11/2007 12:36

    Wow you must teach me how you do this affect!!
  • Jen Nahe 01/08/2006 17:48

    I like this style too! its very pretty and the hair of the girls reminds me on the way my hair used to look like a month ago

  • Véronique Soulier 31/07/2006 23:50

    that's another wonderful idea..but I don't know if I like or if I'm disturbed by two subjects in the same.. blue tears feel sadness and there is an idea of paradise in the blue lines on the left with birds, trees.. collage are very personal and reflecting your own fancy world.. cheers Véronique
  • Sanya Kovacheva 31/07/2006 20:07

    i like this kind of style a lot, so as these ornaments
    ornaments can be very powerful if they are used properly...
    and your works look quite eye-catching
    i enjoy that and the previous very much

    regards, sanya