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Joh Barrett

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the return

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  • Bruce Burrows 17/02/2007 16:25

    Hi Joh . The question is not why does she wear so much makeup .
    I see kids like this every day , but never in an elegant dress .
    The dress makes you wonder . Good shot .. I like this one .
  • Joh Barrett 17/02/2007 12:02

    to kombizz,never ask my models to do what they dont want to do!all this make up is grunge thing,models like it.joh.
  • Wayne Tsipouras 17/02/2007 11:51

    Serious expresion, and yet almost enchanting.
    Interesting image, well done.

  • Kombizz Kashani 16/02/2007 18:45

    As I always say to my dear girlfriend that, the simplicity always work !

    It seems she is not a happy bunny? Perhaps you asked her to put all of those heavy makeup on her eyes, or something else !

    nice shot