Black & White Sunrise

Black & White Sunrise

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Charlotte Nadin

Free Account, Newport

Black & White Sunrise

This was taken at about 6.30 one morning in October last year, I love the lines on it which are so clear in B&W, I hope you like it to:)

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  • Roberto Grilli 03/03/2007 12:43

    Charlotte, if you like I can send you by e-mail the cut of the photo and explain (maybe better what I mean).
  • Charlotte Nadin 03/03/2007 8:21

    Hi Roberto

    No need for apology I only explained how I had done it so you knew, if you can see something I have missed I will have an in depth look at the picture and put things right I am glad you picked up on it this is the only way to learn:)

    Thank you Charlotte
  • Sandor Orosz 03/03/2007 6:05

  • Roberto Grilli 03/03/2007 0:55

    Sorry Charlotte about my comment. The clouds look as blured.
    The hill specially on the middle left side looks squery/pixelly this is why I thought that it's from sellection tool.
    My appologies.
  • Charlotte Nadin 02/03/2007 23:49

    Hi Roberto there was no selection on the hills so I don't know what you mean about the line, this image has been desaturated and tone mapped that is all. The clouds were all reds and orange and yellows perhaps that is why they look blurred I don't know:)

    Regards Charlotte

  • Roberto Grilli 02/03/2007 23:44

    It looks interesting but I can see the selection line for processing on the hills. Need some retouch. I am not sure about the blured clouds.
  • Daren Borzynski 02/03/2007 23:00

    Wonderful landscape!!
    Love the composition... just perfect!!

  • Tom McAlexander 02/03/2007 22:54

    Not usually a great fan of sunrise shots, but this is special.