black and white

black and white

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  • Sophia Hernandez 11/02/2009 21:52

    I love the color scheme and theme of the photo as awhole. I also love the contrast with the one red fingernail.
  • jcKirsty 18/01/2009 23:43

    Love this photo! WOW! :) verry pretty model!

  • Michael Michailov 18/01/2009 17:01

    Very nice idea and textures!But the strong,direct light ruins it all!I wouldn't use side lighting'd cause shadows on the background...but....a more...gentle light...try using some kind of light diffuser...if you're using built-in flash..try putting some transparent white cloth or a white baloon in front of it (yeah,that works...and looks funny as hell :) ) You will avoid the disturbing white burnouts in the photo...and the loss of skin colour and detail :) In my opinion all nails should be black....that sums all I want to say about this photo :) A good one indeed!
  • Radek Roštok 15/01/2009 16:46

    It is good idea - this combination colours of background and nice appearance of the girl. Ang performing excellent !