Bikerobatics - No.1

Bikerobatics - No.1

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Bikerobatics - No.1

Late on a June afternoon at the Brooklyn Bike Park along the East River in Williamsburg,
just north of the Williamsburg Bridge, a rider negotiates this steeply banked berm.

My elbows were feeling skinned just watching him!

The building is the old Domino Sugar refinery, dating from 1882. It stopped operations
in 2004, and is now part of a redevelopment to include apartments and office space.

©2017 Steve Ember

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  • Adele Oliver 15/10/2017 21:05

    a scene that could be here in Vancouver where we also have big old
    brick building sugar refinery .... but your moment special as you capture
    the cyclist doing his tricks on the pike ... fine black and white tonality !!!||
    best regards,