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Joop Snijder

Free Account, Arnhem

Best Place to Live at

In a nice and small nature park in the city Arnhem, The Netherlands, there are just a few people who are so lucky they live there. It's at the Rhine River and it must be a beautiful place to live at. I hope you enjoy this picture.

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  • Stu Good 06/07/2006 14:32

    Missed the voting I'm afraid, but would have voted a resounding PRO.
    Beautifully composed shot, not keen on the frame however ;-)
    Regards, Stu.
  • Joop Snijder 29/06/2006 16:18

    Hi Cees,

    Well at least a lot a people enjoyed the photo ...

    @Rober Riley: The shot is made with 10-22 Ultra Wide Angle. So no combination of picture. The proportion are just made by the UWA.

  • Cees Kuijs 29/06/2006 11:44

    feel sorry for this....
    But again I`m more sorry for the sodds that has no gutts to show that they are contra.
    Regards, Cees
  • Peter Kis kalóz 28/06/2006 23:29

  • weggezogen 28/06/2006 23:29

    stunning. absolutely pro
  • Claude Coeudevez 28/06/2006 23:29

  • Peter Mertz 28/06/2006 23:29

  • JVision 28/06/2006 23:29

  • Theo Weijmer 28/06/2006 23:29

    Yes this can only be Pro
  • ~Merlin~ 28/06/2006 23:29

  • Roberto Grilli 28/06/2006 23:29

    very nice shot but the writing (with not very good fonts) on the bottom "kills" the picture. it looks like advertise....
  • Cees Kuijs 28/06/2006 23:29

    I`ve said it already in my common comment, Fantastic picture. A big PRO
  • Robert Riley 28/06/2006 23:29

    Well for me the reflection of the clouds is wrong. Is this a combination of two Shots? The flowers look out of proportion. Is this a combonation of Three shots?

    Even if it is, its a No.
  • Eric van Crombrugge 28/06/2006 23:29

    It´s gorgeous, the color is superb, the reflection ... the flower coming out of the water ... it´s just great.
  • Sergio Pessolano 27/06/2006 15:20

    Superb painting.