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Deborah Hangartner

Free Account, New Brunswick

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  • Luca Frediani 07/09/2008 20:06

  • David Delaney 23/12/2004 22:36

    hi deborah
    lighting apart the old adage is focus on the eyes as this is the way to the soul, but rules are made to be broken and I do not know whether it was intentional or not but the closed eyes make this picture. they portriat a sense of love and trust between a mother and child.
    excellent composition try taking out the shadows and evening out the light digitaly or get some one to do it for you. then compare to two images and see which one is what you saw before you pressed the shutter.
    keep on clicking
  • Deborah Hangartner 11/12/2004 0:30

    It's interesting that the lighting makes some people feel uncomfortable and others seem to like it. I'll take that into consideration next time. Thanks everyone! : )
  • Andy Pomplun 18/11/2004 10:17

    great Model(s). Deborah, work on the light and shades, then it'd be perfect!

  • Visiones de vida. 17/10/2004 4:23

    composed or not composed, this is photography. The emotion is still real!!!...I find the softness of the light very gentle which is what the image is about. Keep shooting away.
  • Deborah Hangartner 14/10/2004 20:31

    Thank you Sergio!
  • xxx xxx 14/10/2004 1:38

    Now we got to heaven, Deborah! Despite, as the fellow photographers said," some shadows" THIS IS WHAT MAKES THIS PICTURE SUPERB, belive me. Very, very kind shot. Almost a painting or even a sculpture. Good girl. Here we have a huge, yet soft, use of light!
  • Deborah Hangartner 21/09/2004 0:42

    Thank you for your comments about the lighting. I can see what you are talking about...the shadows do seem uncomfortable.
  • Dov TS 20/09/2004 23:01

    Agree with Tana
    - The shadows are disturbing
    Also - it looks staged, which makes me a bit uncomfortable

    Hope it helps...

  • Tana Hall 20/09/2004 12:00

    nice... but the light could have been better ( i find the shades disturbing...and it's all a little bit too "greyish")
    greetings tana ;)