bask in the sun

bask in the sun

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Vera Shulga

Free Account, Czernowitz, West Ukraine

bask in the sun

Taken ( five photos) 25.04.2010 in my garden( length more 1m, 1,5-2 cm thick) and ... it had run away....Cecino,Chernovtsy.

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  • gerald reiner 27/01/2013 21:15

    BR Gerald
  • Johann Dittmann 13/12/2012 12:36

    Don't worry, she is harmless.
  • Stefan aus NRW 11/01/2011 21:30

    Optimal getroffen,sehr toll wie sie da im Ast hängt.
    LG Stefan
  • Cosmin Chera 10/01/2011 14:21

    The snake's look is absolutely fascinating!
    And the photo, too...

  • wolfgang und maritha 08/12/2010 21:14

    Wunderschönes Schlangenportrait.
    Wir wünschen Dir eine schöne Adventszeit und grüssen
    Wolfgang und ;Maritha.
  • JustMiri 05/12/2010 1:11

    Schau mir in die Augen!
    Klasse Bild!
  • Rosa Calvete 26/11/2010 23:11

    Superb shot, Vera.!
    I love the colors of the reptile, its sharpness, brightness of your skin.
    Given me the color and brightness of the eye that sees it.
    Excellent ....
    A greeting.
  • Chorizo 11/11/2010 6:40

    Nice garden snake!
  • Celia N. 31/10/2010 9:47

    Das ist ja Klasse ! Ist die giftig ??
    Liebe Grüße
  • MónicaVR 23/10/2010 14:41

    Vera, yo no podria leerme un libro tranquilamente en tu jardin. Bonita imagen.
    Un abrazo!
  • guvo4 09/10/2010 13:03

    She´d run away.... most photographer would have done so instead of taking a photo. Very good work Vera.

    Best regards...Volker
  • Jürgen G. 04/10/2010 17:44

    I like it!!!!
  • Bruno Botta 18/09/2010 23:03

    Bella cattura. Complimenti.
  • marefoto 18/09/2010 19:55

    Sweet little Sake!
    Perfect Photo!

    Greetings, Holger Pe...
  • Herbert2 18/09/2010 7:04

    Hi, nice little snake, ours are a bit bigger,
    Schlange 2
    Schlange 2

    Schlange 1
    Schlange 1

    This snake ate the Farmers sheep and the farmer installed an electric fence because he suspected his black workers stealing sheep. To his surprise it was a snake. A snake of this size if very hungry would try to eat smaller humans as well. But generally it tries to stay away from people. To grow that large it must have been quite old yet it was never seen on the Farm before. The smaller snakes are much more dangerous because of their powerful venom. Unless you catch one by surprise early in the morning when they are stiff form the night you almost never see a snake, they move away when they sense footsteps.
    Kind regards Herbert