Bahnhof bei Nacht

Bahnhof bei Nacht

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Bahnhof bei Nacht

It was a l-o-n-g day of travel, even by fast trains, from Chur in Switzerland to Hamburg,
but the magnetic attraction of the vibrant Hauptbahnhof for a train-loving photographer,
experienced for the first time that night, side-tracked any rush to get to my hotel.

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Photo+Design ©2010/2011 Steve Ember

Did I say "magnetic?" Back next afternoon...

Hamburg Hbf Patterns
Hamburg Hbf Patterns
Steve Ember

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  • Susanne Kämmner 08/12/2015 20:39

    This photo is absolutely charming. I´ll try to give some reasons, but am afraid it won´t be that easy because of the complexity behind my arguments.
    First there is the emotional issue. Personally I tie stations at night with terms like „arrival, loneliness, solitude, tiredness, delays..“ The architectural vibrancy some part of your photo is radiating even supports those terms. But then there is the human factor, represented by the couple pacing the platform. Their bodylanguage speaks from „welcome, togetherness, support“. Therewith your photo, on the one hand, represents two strong converse emotional aspects that unify into an absolute captivating motif with a strong expressiveness. Does this make sense?
    On the other hand there simply is the contrast between a captivating architecural motif combined with vibrant colors and life situations versus the more silent platform. No trains, hardly any passengers except for this couple. Vibrancy versus calmness. Architecture versus human factor. Rapture of colors versus more solid colors … And that leads me back to my introduction: This photo is absolutely charming and worth to spend some time with it and ponder over it.
  • y-oo-m- 24/01/2012 17:47

    Wandelhalle by dem Pärchen der absolute Hingucker......
    Gruss aus MUC
  • Liesl Stangl 03/07/2011 20:41

    super !!
    danke dir auch für deine liebe anmerkung.
    hab weiter viel erfolg bei deinen reisen und fotos, sie sind fantastisch !
    liebe grüße
    von liesl
    abstecher in den reichswald bei kleve
    abstecher in den reichswald bei kleve
    Liesl Stangl
  • Zlatochka 02/06/2011 11:04

    Really want to travel!

    Best regards,
  • Tatjana Puc Kous 31/05/2011 11:34

    One pair at night statio, super!
  • . christine frick . 30/05/2011 23:03

    Its really interesting !
    LG Chris
  • Matthias Mempel 28/05/2011 9:48

    A railway station with different layers of entertainment. And the couple strolling along the tracks is some kind of romantic. Your picture says that there is more about than travelling between cities.
    Best regards, Matthias
  • werner reinold 28/05/2011 9:21

    atmosphärisch sehr dicht, das mag ich...
    absolut ein hingucker...
    gruß werner