back on the road:))

back on the road:))

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Sjoerd van den berg

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back on the road:))

where i have been the last month and a bit. the found a few problems with my plumbing so they replace a bit of it:)) now .............:))))

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  • Mick Mckenna 13/02/2005 6:25

    Your picture makes one think!

    Funny, but not funny ha ha, how tubes and technology can keep us here, or dispatch us elsewhere.
  • JVision 11/02/2005 14:39

    Really good to see you back in the fotocommunity after a long time. I hope you recover soon Sjoerd. I am wishing you all the best for your health.
  • Rob Mitchell 11/02/2005 14:04

    Yikes, that didn't look too good !
    Good to see you back though. Rob.