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Post-modern thoughts

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  • Boris Vasemägi 05/09/2010 1:14

    I like Your imago!
  • Ray Steinberg 22/07/2008 2:54

    Hi Ayashe,

    I've read your comment, and I agree with much of it's content.
    I think the title should be changed to:
    "LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE", because the title "POST MODERN THOUGHTS", imo doesn't fit the image. She could also be thinking "Pre Historic Thoughts", there is no way of telling one, from the other, as you look at her. By using a title that says her life is on the edge, it steers the viewer's mind toward that direction, and than he, or she, will contemplate what the girl will do next.

    I am also posting one of my images, below, about "Life On The Edge". Although you do not actually see the person sitting at the table, by viewing the various props, on the table, the viewer gets the message that I want to convey.


  • Luc Grollie 21/07/2008 19:10

    Ayashe, welcome to the real world......
    one sees she's thinking, what she's thinking about is of no importance, every viewer of the photo has his own answer, which makes the photo succeded it's goal !!!
  • Liborio Ribaudo 21/07/2008 13:52

    So wanderful and intense.
    by Liborio
  • Ray Steinberg 21/07/2008 2:13

    Hi Ayashe,

    First, let me say that I think this image, portrays the girls emotions, alot better than the other image, because by putting her fingers in her mouth, it shows that she is more nervous about what she intends to do with herself. ( Position of the hand on different parts of the body, convey different emotions. Say you're taking an exam, if the pencil you're holding is pressed against your cheek, it shows that you're thinking about the answer in a calm manner, but if you place the pencil in your mouth, and start chewing on it, it shows that you are alot more nervous trying to think about the correct answer. )
    This is a powerful image, it tells a story, and different viewers will interpret the meaning in different ways.
    I personally think, the girl is NOT looking for exitement, but rather is thinking about commiting suicide by drowning.
    What makes me think this, is that she is right on the edge of the platform, fully dressed, and wearing high boots, her fingers are in her mouth, she is nervous, and in deep thought, and her eyes are closed, which can affect her balance. Something, or someone, set off the pressure cooker in her head, and she's now looking for a way out, of a stressful situation, a means of escape, possibly permanent, and all she has to do now, is lean over....