Awaiting for peace

Awaiting for peace

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alexander stefanatos

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Awaiting for peace

North Africa

Tunisia is another North African state that has been added in the long list of islamic countries with unsettled political system, social uprises and inocent people longing for peace and reconciliation among their tribes...
Islam propagates a universal unity but so far, terrorists misinterpreting and exploiting its dogma, only divide, depopulate and devastate....
Of course, centuries ago, Christians did the same against the American Indians for more or less the same reasons, expansion and greediness...
The whole world is a boiling hotpot of hatred, war and destruction...

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  • sparkling light 18/12/2015 11:36

    A masterful photo, Alexander, and a joy to look at.
    Photo art !
  • Adele Oliver 18/12/2015 0:15

    a beautiful mosque, splendid details in black and white ... your words so true, so sad ..... it is difficult to keep up the hope for peace in today's world - since time immemorial it war seems to have been in our blood :-(((
    greetings, Adele
  • Mirjam Burer 17/12/2015 17:30

    your words are so right....and at the same time it is so sad...will there ever be a solution...a world in peace..?
    Your picture has a fine compo and tonal range... agapi Alexander..
  • Sue Thompson 17/12/2015 13:30

    I am loath to say it, but whilst we have the human race in chsre of the world it will always be in turmoil... no matter what creed or religion...... and somehow, some faction will probably destroy this beautiful place.

  • Harold Thompson 17/12/2015 9:51

    Agree but unfortunately will still carry on beautiful building
    :-)) Harold


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