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Autumn Girlfriend...

Autumn Girlfriend...

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Autumn Girlfriend...

I remember the feeling (at that age) ;-)

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  • Nina- Christin 20/02/2006 10:57

    Sweeeeet! I love it!
  • Dirk Hofmann 21/12/2005 18:51

    @Katjuschka ... i'm pretty sure you never were a little boy and so you should beleive me: the word is not "flatter" but "shiver" ... ;-)))
  • Katjuschka W. 21/12/2005 0:22

    Oh yes - this is what boys of that age seem to think...
    But inside their hearts they feel flattered, I bet.
    Pretty good moment!!!
    Best regards from Katjuschka
  • Jeremy B 20/12/2005 20:53

    Very good shot. I love the tones and you've captured a terrific moment and expression.
  • Vladimir Danilov 20/12/2005 8:59

    he-he... 8-))))) sloppy sentimentality...

    You're right, Dirk. I'm getting used slowly to it.
  • Dirk Hofmann 20/12/2005 0:09

    every man knows: it's a nightmare ...

    but boys in this age from today i can promise you: you get used to it and some of you might like it later ... ;-)



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