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Australia - My Home And Country

Australia - My Home And Country

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Premium (World), Collie WA.

Australia - My Home And Country

If Australia were your home instead of Germany you would...

be 22% more likely to be unemployed
have 17.19% less free time
be 89.47% more likely to be in prison
consume 53.72% more oil
use 31.9% more electricity
spend 31.11% more money on healthcare
be 57.14% more likely to be murdered
make 8.86% more money
be 28.03% more likely to die in infancy
experience 12.22% more of a class divide
live 1.63 years longer
be equally likely to have HIV/AIDS
have 44.77% more babies

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  • Joachim Schmid BW 08/07/2024 18:33

    Alle die ich kenne, die schon mal in Australien über mehrere Wochen Urlaub gemacht haben, waren happy!
    Hab deshalb schon viele tolle Bilder gesehen.
    Gruß Joachim