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Pete Sommer

Free Account, Glenealy co. Wicklow


Taken last week, rainy day.....

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  • Murdoch Campbell 06/12/2005 13:43

    Hi Pete, I just took a one day course on Photoshop CS2 and it's mindboggling!!!!!! Was the course you took 6 months long? That software has so many features built into it that we obviously only scratched the surface in one day's time. Did recently purchase a self-tutoring, interactive program from Adobe on Photoshop. Little by little and slowly but surely I'm learning a few of the program's features. Best of luck to you.
  • Pete Sommer 05/12/2005 18:13

    I am always open for suggestions.....
    Couple of years ago I did a further education called "language and media" one part was "photoshop intensiv" about 6 month, was going mad and still have problems to understand.

  • Murdoch Campbell 05/12/2005 3:21

    Hi Pete, Yea, I understand as I'm trying to learn Photoshop myself and it's no easy task. Wish I could offer you a suggestion or two.
  • Pete Sommer 04/12/2005 17:10

    I did many things (Photoshop) but I could'nt get out the light. Thank you for your comment, also to Jacky and Ray
    mg Pete
  • Murdoch Campbell 04/12/2005 15:16

    Hi Pete, very well done. The lighting, the background and the selected focus on the center of the leaf make for an excellent composition. My only suggestion would be to lessen the intensity of the reflected light off the leaf, although I can't suggest HOW to do that.
    Best regards,
  • Ray Steinberg 04/12/2005 3:59

    Very nice photo.

  • Jacky Kobelt 04/12/2005 1:28

    nice composition.
    briliant colors.