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  • bukipropovednika 15/10/2008 16:03

    Nice !
    The silhouettes !
  • roger61267 10/09/2008 22:12

    Can´t find no more words. All was said! regards Dagmar
  • Flighty Furrow 10/09/2008 14:25

    What a great collection of contrasts of: the primary colours with each other; the colours against the black of the shadows, the cyclist & their bikes in 3d against their flat shadows, the somewhat chaotic accumulation of the group of people against the perfectly shaped/structured of the shadows of the wheels, the perfect shapes of the shadows on the somewhat 'fuzziness' of the ground. Congrats. Being a biker at heart myself I like this series, this one clearly being the best of the three! BTW thanks for your comment!
  • mirella35 10/09/2008 13:57

    I like it very much! The shadows are more important than the subjects! Very good.
  • ERENCE 10/09/2008 8:38

  • Petra Sommerlad 10/09/2008 4:47

    Confusing but good. I lack a point my eye can get hold of. But I like the basic idea and the silhouettes. GPEtra


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