An Eastport Moment - No.1

An Eastport Moment - No.1

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An Eastport Moment - No.1

Wind power, motor power, or muscle power…take your pick.

All seem to be enjoying themselves on this splendid sunny Sunday afternoon in early autumn.
The piers by the Annapolis Maritime Museum, Eastport, Annapolis, in the Land of Pleasant Living.

©2017 Steve Ember

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  • Lucy Trachsel 17/10/2017 20:15

    If only I weren‘t such a geographical idiot.... which state is this? Maryland or Maine?
    The sea is a wonderful colour but probably too cool for a dip.
    • Steve Ember 17/10/2017 20:45

      Hello, Lucy, and thanks for your comment. Happy to answer your question - This Eastport is in Maryland. It was once a separate town, across Spa Creek from Annapolis, but later became part of that city, the capital of Maryland. While I can't tell you just how chilly the water was on this autumn-perfect afternoon, I can tell you the view, across the broad Severn River into Chesapeake Bay was limitless. I'll post some other photos from this vantage point that show not only sailboats and other pleasure craft, but even a huge bulk carrier heading down the Bay from the Port of Baltimore toward open seas. Alles Gute. Steve
  • Susanne Kerstan 17/10/2017 1:13

    a wonderful impression of maritime feeling !!

    with best wishes Susanne
  • Adele Oliver 13/10/2017 1:15

    a bright and lively summer scene with splendid light and blue
    sky and water ... an image that could grace a travel catalogue
    perfectly !!!
    best regards,