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An apple, A knife and A hand

An apple, A knife and A hand

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Lovisa Lagerquist

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An apple, A knife and A hand

three things...

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  • Neil Auty 22/10/2006 21:46

    Well done Lovisa, another great idea. Lacks a bit of depth of field and is quite contrasty, but your ideas just keep coming.

    Neil A
  • Jordan Bussell 21/10/2006 23:37

    like this. original idea. i wouldnt eat one of those though... the top looks a bit dirty dnt it? hehe
    good shot
  • Giani Duarte 21/10/2006 22:01

    I like this b&w a lot ..principally because of it's very original....
    Dirk said ..dislike the overexposition...
    I like it it's add a meaning for this work
    I think it's an elegant b&w
  • Dirk Hofmann 21/10/2006 20:32

    i like the close look, but i don't like the overexposed parts ...
  • Pascal Viyer 21/10/2006 17:17

    Ancestral gesture : very well taken.
  • Asi C. 21/10/2006 17:14

    it's a very small apple, isn't it? :/