Al ric gelat de Maduixa! - What a tasty strawberry ice cream!

Al ric gelat de Maduixa! - What a tasty strawberry ice cream!

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Josep A. Collado

Premium (Complete), València

Al ric gelat de Maduixa! - What a tasty strawberry ice cream!

Presa en un carrer de València
taken in a street of València

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  • Dirk Hofmann 22/12/2005 12:25

    you're very welcome ... :-)

    let me explain in short words:

    if you are nice to people, write satisfying comments to their work (doesn't really matter what you truly think) and produce hundrets of comments you will receive a lot back ... you could try it ...

    write 200 nice and praising comments a day and i promise you that you will earn at least 20 to your own photos ...

    do that the next day again and you'll have another 20 as a reward ....

    go on that way ...

    maybe you link one of your photos under the comment (to make it easier to find by one click) ...

    communication ... that's what it is all about for some people ... contens doesn't matter ... ;-))

    well ... i know that things run this way here but i prefer to get one helping comment instead of 25 nonsaying ones ... :-)

    the art is to find the people who really care and tell the truth - even if they don't like your photo ...
  • Ludwig Geerman 22/12/2005 7:40

    well captured....very comic~
  • Josep A. Collado 22/12/2005 1:14

    @Cees: Tank you
    @Dirk: Thanks. Of course, everything is O.K already.
    Now we only have to wish that the works shown here, they are appraised (how we say in Spain) with the same stick of measurement as others exposed in FC. But I think that this question will depend on the name that there is beside the photo. And, like you well know, there are names that - anything that they show- they generate tens of comments. Others, those belonging to the Series B, we have to be satisfied with a lot less.
    It is not important; Regarding me, I attempt to assume it. Already I know that the things are like this. But I have wanted to take this opportunity for making this critical reflection, after your comment.
    Josep Antoni
  • Dirk Hofmann 21/12/2005 22:48

    well ... i hope everything is fine now ... :-)
  • Cees Kuijs 21/12/2005 9:57

    Just graet. I raelly like those kind of wall decoration.
    Greetings, Cees