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Al-Quds Day or Yawm-al Quds

Al-Quds Day or Yawm-al Quds

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Kombizz Kashani

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Al-Quds Day or Yawm-al Quds

Yawm-al Quds or Al-Quds Day is a day of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and all oppressed people in general. All over the world rallies and marches are held on this day, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan.

The history of Quds Day dates back to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran nearly 30 years ago. One of the first actions Imam Khomeini took as leader of the newly formed Islamic Republic was to cut off the supply of oil to the two apartheid regimes of Israel and South Africa and put sanctions on both of them. He inaugurated Al-Quds day as an integral part of Ramadan so that Muslims would never forget their responsibility and duty towards Palestine and all oppressed people in the world. Imam Khomeini, on 16th August 1979 inaugurated "The Day For The Oppressed" with the following words:

“The Muslims of the world should view Quds Day not only as a day for all the Muslims of the world, but one for all the deprived, and from that sensitive point, they should stand against the oppressors and the world-plunderers and should not rest until the oppressed have been set free from the oppression of the power-wielders.” During Ramadan, when our minds (should) be focused on empathizing with those who are suffering, it is worth remembering that there are thousands of prisoners who will be celebrating Eid in captivity for no other crime than their faith, or their nationality, or their ethnicity, or their beliefs, or a bit of all or some of these reasons.”

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