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Now that just might be the shortest title I have ever bestowed on a
photograph of mine…but it’s got just buckets of feeling.

And, no, she’s not dirty. Her shiny lower panels are just reflecting the gravel of the
driveway of the house where I grew up, bathed in the sunshine of a perfect summer day.

She’s my first “new” car, a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. She’s black with a white top (hidden by the black boot) and a black interior – oops, careful getting in on a hot day wearing Bermuda shorts – and the badge at the leading edge of her front quarter panel signifies that under her broad, sleek hood purrs the silky-smooth 390 cubic inch “Thunderbird” V-8 engine. Fast, but refined, with a butter-smooth idle.

And do I hear Bert Kaempfert"s "Red Roses for a Blue Lady" or Vic Damone carressing "Sit This One Out With Me" coming from her genuinely pleasing AM radio? Nat Cole with Gordon Jenkins’ lush arrangement of “Stay as Sweet as You Are?” Domenico Modugno singing “Volare?” Or is it Riz Ortolani conducting his sensual theme “More” *** from “Mondo Cane?”

I know - It’s Sinatra with Billy May conducting...”Come Fly with Me!”

No matter – Let’s turn the key...and...Fly!

Where are you now, my Sweet? (Hopefully not a beer can.)

The image was converted to black and white from a Kodachrome color transparency
that I was delighted to find a few years ago in a long neglected box of early work.
Guessing the camera was either a Pentax or a Yashica J-3.
A bit more of the story...
Photo and Narrative ©Ages Ago/2013 Steve Ember

Memories Are Made of This...
Memories Are Made of This...
Steve Ember

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