Aguadilla Boats

Aguadilla Boats

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Wendy Gonzalez

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Aguadilla Boats

Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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  • Remsi Remsen 01/09/2004 5:38

    sry, why do you post your pics that small? this one is only 77kb, you know, you can go up to 130kb in the fc. ;)

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Wendy Gonzalez 31/08/2004 6:36

    Thanks everyone, yep, I pumped up the Hue Saturation for color and used the Glass filter along with many others. Trying to make it look like an oil painting.

  • Remsi Remsen 30/08/2004 15:49

    yea. the colors are striking!
    did you use some sort of "glass- or water-filter"?

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 30/08/2004 11:43

    wow wendy what a start you got here.
    Fantastic colors and beatiful scene.
    welcome and have a great time


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