Afternoon Snooze

Afternoon Snooze

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Jeremy Frasier

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Afternoon Snooze

This is my favorite of all the shots taken at Lion Country Safari. I mean it is hard to believe how aggressive these cats can be when you see them like that.

Cats are just too cool!

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  • Sabina Decurtins 07/10/2004 22:21

    a wonderful picture, the right moment and focus
  • Jeremy Frasier 04/10/2004 17:22

    I used a Sigma SD-9 with a Sigma 70-300mm Lense. Yes I have noticed the slight softness or blurriness and it was not intended 8(. I am still practicing with using a telephoto and the correct shutter/aperture setting.

    I didn't really alter anything in the picture. The blue background is from their concrete shelter. I just adjusted the color correction & levels.

    Thanks for the comments and the critiques. It is really helping me in my learning experience.
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 04/10/2004 9:12

    I love this picture too.
    What camera and lens did you use?
    I like the colors and the frame is really cool.
    did you change much, like making it softer?
  • Julia Horak 04/10/2004 6:53

    I can understand why this is you favorite... It's really great. She's looking so peacfull, as if you can sit down next to her and pet her.
    Bye Julia