after storm "Nargis"

after storm "Nargis"

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Nyo Pu

Free Account, Rangoon

after storm "Nargis"

14 days later after storm "Nargis" .
dead toll is now more than 100,000 people. it's still tragedy.

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  • Sergio Pessolano 06/06/2018 13:32

    Excellent documentary image!
  • KasiaD 21/05/2008 19:57

    I am so glad you seem to be safe my friend. It is such a tragedy. But the tragedy could be limited if only help would be accepted. The rest of the world is waiting at the door to support - it is a natural tragedy it should not be a political one too. Let me know how I can help, if I can! Warm wishes and strength go out to you and your family across the miles.
  • Christian Knospe 21/05/2008 17:48

    feel with you
    and all the people there
    may you will get many help !!!

    br chris
  • archiek 21/05/2008 7:21

    People here see the news and understand the tragedy affecting the people there. Let us know what we can do to help as the world's humanitarian efforts are being rejected.
    Best Wishes, Archie
  • Nyo Pu 21/05/2008 6:25

    Hello All,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words.
    We are trying to help them "hands to hands" by the people. Not from the junta. Nobody believes junta.
    Best wishes to you all.
    Rgds, np
  • Véronique Soulier 20/05/2008 21:36

    HAppy to know you're safe but a lot of thougths to people of your country . bye VS
  • Andy Pomplun 20/05/2008 18:49

    good to read you and your family are alright, at least a little sunray in all of this tragedy.....
  • Ebi Fotofix 20/05/2008 17:43

    it's a tragedy...tooo... our emotions are with you! We hope, that your dayly life will become a littlebit normaly in a short time!
    LG Ebi
  • Tanjung-Pinang 20/05/2008 16:02

    I think of you every day !!
    Buddha bless you all !!
    br monika
  • John Moore 20/05/2008 14:44

    God Bless you my friend!!
    Word from you has highlighted my evening no end.
    I was not sure if you had received my private email.
    The are many tons of food outside your borders, But the Military monkeys have banned any aid workers entering.
    Something to hide, which I will not mention here.
    Many countries have been waiting in Thailand, ready to go across into Burma.
    I am told that about 5% of the food sent by counties is only reaching the needy!
    Will send you some private communication mate.
    You would understand why.
    I should be comming over in about 3-4 monthes.
    As the Thai's say: "Pra kum kong" May Your Buddha Bless You.
    Regards to Dr. Myo Myint, you and the kids mate.

  • JVision 20/05/2008 12:12

    This is such a big tragedy. I feel sorry for all the people.
  • Cees Kuijs 20/05/2008 10:49

    Yeah, this is a major tragedy, Nyo.......and probably the worst part must still come...............Have no words for this catastrofe.......
    Greetings, Cees


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