African Wild dog - Kruger National Park, South Africa

African Wild dog - Kruger National Park, South Africa

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African Wild dog - Kruger National Park, South Africa

African Wild dogs are endangered mainly due to the fact that they do not defend a territory and thus the space available for them is shrinking, due to the conflict with humans. Kruger National Park is home to around 250 Wild dogs and it is a real treat to see them in the wild.


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  • Stu Porter 11/02/2008 12:38

    Hi again Irma,
    Hope the dogs do well in the Mara - that's great to hear they are reintroducing there too. Problem is lack of available land and the dogs can easily catch diseases from domestic dogs - must be one of the worries for the dogs in the Mara. Being a smaller reserve, Madikwe is probably one of the best places to find & photograph Wild dogs - you will definitely see them there. Any reason why you chose March ? - the grass can be quite thick at that time of year - depending of course on how the rainy season went - global warming has changed a lot of things :) Kruger on the other hand being much larger is very hit and miss affair when it comes to seeing Wild dogs, but its always a thrill to see them.

    This one was actually hunting on its own and was running down the side of the road

    Cheers for now

    Best wishes
  • kaito u. irma k. 11/02/2008 0:00

    here the movement has been excellently captured!
    love this most successful hunter!
    there are really good rehabilitation and relocation
    programs going on in northern TZ and
    a small pack has recently been seen in the massai mara again after 20 years of absense :-)
    we hope to see them in madikwe next march ;-)

  • Katarina A 08/02/2008 8:32

    Yes that would be such a treat..they remind me a bit of the hyena..never seen a wild dog in real.. love your pic.
    Best wishes Katarina
  • Stu Porter 30/01/2008 21:25

    Many thanks Marko :)

    Cheers Stu
  • Marko König 29/01/2008 21:45

    Very good capture.