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Admiring a Classic...

Admiring a Classic...

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Admiring a Classic...

Basking in the late afternoon sunshine of a perfect autumn day, Rhätische Bahn 414, a Ge6/6 I “Crocodile,” enjoys some admiring glances.
Herr Kroki is spending the day following (at a discreet distance) another classic, the RhB’s steam train, all the way from Landquart to Sumvitg/Compadials and back, with a water tanker in tow, should any sparks from “Albula” No.107’s stack have started any fires along the track. Safety First, natürlich!

Here at Chur station, the “Croc” exerts an attraction for admirers of all ages. Infinitely more fascinating (especially in action) than the typical modern E-Lok, with the steam locomotive inspired running gear and, of course, the distinctive croc-snouts at each end, Herr Kroki ("hatched" in 1929!) is beloved by train devotees wherever he goes along the extensive Rhätische Bahn of Switzerland’s Canton Graubünden.

One imagines the little boy hoping for a little brown “Croc” for his Modelleisenbahn.
Or is it the bigger “boy” who’s thinking about that very same addition?
After all, Christmas is only a few months away…

Photo, narrative, and design ©2011/2012 Steve Ember

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  • s. sabine krause 12/02/2012 17:28

    an eye-opener for me, who's never heard of a "crocodile train" before! love the leisurely feel to the picture: everyone in it – boy, mom, sign-reading man, the iron veteran, even the gentle afternoon light – seem so very calm and relaxed! part of this "friendly" impression is probably due to the subtle brown of the crocodile's "metal gear" ; ). and yet, i think the tiny tricycle is dutifully impressed by its good-natured but big relative's imposing presence! the little boy, though, has just discovered something else, a delightful little detail he hasn't told anyone about yet: there's a tiny comicy face just below the man's knees, near the wheels, with a black goofy nose and two different- sized steel eyes that are presently facing him! ; )))))) needless to say it's my favorite detail, too! ; )) lg, sabine.
  • Arthur Baumgartner 10/02/2012 9:11

    Die Technik an der historischen Lokomotive interessiert alle Generationen...great!