About the house

About the house

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Maria Skaldina

Free Account, Moscow

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  • Kombizz Kashani 12/03/2007 17:33

    Perhaps I can feel her feeling after that huge earthquake!!
    I bet you she blames herself that why she was not able to help those innocent people under the rubbles!
    Sometimes few people when they get angry, they get sexier as well.
    I think it is the case !
  • M. Serge Robitaille 12/03/2007 5:11

    Maria, I am no expert but I realy like this photo. It chalenge my mind... I feel on edge, almost vertigo. The subject hold the hole sceen togeter. Real sharp too. I wonder what lense you used ?
  • Cor van den Doel 12/03/2007 0:22

    Welcome to the FC, Maria.
    This picture is a good start.
    Good crop and fine composition.
    Regards, Cor