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A Young Nun's Tale and Contract

A Young Nun's Tale and Contract

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Glenn Capers

World Member, New York City

A Young Nun's Tale and Contract

I was once at a monastery and had a soulful talk with a Mother Superior. Her concerns was about the quality serving God and the women that come seeking a release from their frustrations and choices to find the one true path. What people don't know about , or run away from seems to hit you ten times as hard at monasteries if you are seeking a religious path as a nun or monk.

The Mother superior expressed that too many young women that desire to enter have made their minds up far before boys, or men became a factor in their life. In consultation with another women. When the subject of relationship and sex behavior becomes the main topic, this young nuns have nothing to relate to, or comprehend what that woman sitting across from them are struggling with.

There was a time when you didn't need to understand these things. Your job was to help pray for a blessing for futility and health. Sexual frenzy was not in the cards. Religion had more then a toe hole at shaming people and out of fear people woof comply to religious guidance.

In Romania many monasteries find the web and the internet a tool of the devil. For use that use it there is no aging our souls. They all ready see you burning in hell. Yet the chocolate you offer is quietly collected and can be found under a nun's pillow or secrete place.

Does chocolate give nuns a clear understand of sex, or one's craving from the act when the chemistry is peaking off the scale. What other toys, or candies my a nun have. By right there is nothing for her, but to brake her vows and become enlightened. But until then she can only struggle with the ideas and herself fight the urge and sell icons at the religious fairs and read , and work hard to dissipate that urge. That is the Young Nun's Tale, and contract for as long as she can bare it .

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