A Worker's Plea to Profit

A Worker's Plea to Profit

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Glenn Capers

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A Worker's Plea to Profit

I didn't know why as I walked pass him What I thought was just someone resting and trying to sell a piece of sulfur to a tourist. Why buy it. It's brake in my pocket and I have no need for it and just imagin airplane security. for people that don't know chemistry. Sulfure is one of the three chemicals to use to make gunpowder. So no thank you Mr Sulfurman. :))) It wasn't until I got to the top that I lerned how hard their work is and how dangerious and helpless they are. Lung problems are painful no matter how you look at it . So now I say here is an old man close to having to give up working. If he can sell you one piece of sulfur for a 100 indonesian dollars. That is three times the money he makes foe taking about 148 kilos in a day up and down an incredible journey that I had no clue was like until I did it myself. It is now three days from taking my body and camers gear the full round trip. So to day I can say My body still hurts and stairs I look at and curse at for now.

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  • WULFRANO 19/03/2013 1:07

    Viendo sus fotografias me pregunto si dentro de sus competencias como fotografo se encuentra la de "luchador Social"
  • Cobrak 21/10/2012 4:40

    très bon cliché
  • Graeme B Simpson 11/10/2012 18:03

    Great comments and the image is nicely.composed. Captures of all reflective thought in the mans face!. . Sadly a man working all his life just to survive!
  • John Willems 06/10/2012 2:23

  • Vera M. Shulga 05/10/2012 20:05

    the law of capitalism: the heavier the work, less pay for it
  • JOKIST 05/10/2012 19:12

    ....... einfach eindrucksvoll !

    LG Ingrid und Hans
  • s. sabine krause 05/10/2012 17:47

    an eye-opening picture for me, as i have never seen sulfur in its raw state before. in fact, hadn't you explained, i might very well have mistaken it for some kind of foam rubber. "a yellow combustible nonmetal" says my dictionary and calls it "the material of which hellfire and lightning were believed to consist". judging from your text, in a way it still is – a hellish material… i find the patient pose of the little man, the gentleness in his face very moving. both his appearance and his surroundings strike me as utterly timeless. could be now, it could also be ages ago. the hardships apparently stay the same. greetings, sabine.
  • Adele Oliver 05/10/2012 3:02

    how long does he have to wait to find a potentional customer, I wonder ... a hard life indeed, and so dangerous - I can imagine that he would have been too proud to accept money without selling you something.
    an excellent picture, albeit a sad story !!!
    greetings, Adele
  • T-Tol 04/10/2012 23:57

    succesfull documentation/photography
  • Gabriele Gatta 04/10/2012 20:54

    It's nice reading your story about this man: I can imagine his life, the smell of the sulfur, the hardness of your being there... very good work!