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A Warm Winter's Day

A Warm Winter's Day

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Carina Bucu

Free Account, Tokyo

A Warm Winter's Day

this photograph was taken on Valentine's Day 2009. by some fortuitous reason, it was warm, bright and sunny that day while on the preceding days and the days that followed, there was only the usual cold weather and overcast skies of winter. everyone flocked to Yoyogi Koen (Park) to enjoy the sun and each others' company on that warm day of hearts. (",)

still taken with my N73 cellphone cam.

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  • Carina Bucu 06/08/2009 8:45

    Hi Dietmar! I'll find something new to post soon lol... :-))
  • The Desert Scorpion 28/07/2009 16:23

    Dear Mrs. Bucu,
    Do you have a photograph which will spend a summertime mood? It looks really cold and I´m happy it´s warm outside. ;-))

    Warm regards