A sea of Greater Yellow Rattles

A sea of Greater Yellow Rattles

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

A sea of Greater Yellow Rattles

This vast meadow was completely covered by a dense carpet of thousands of Greater Yellow Rattles.

The Greater Yellow Rattle is a rare plant that likes growing as a semi-parasite on grasses.
It flowers from may to july.

Native to a few European countries, but stands in Belgium and the Netherlands on the Red List as vulnerable and threatened !
Therefore, the view of this floral carpet was not only truly memorable and impressive, but also a very unique and rare event.

A natural wonder of the finest kind and a feast for the eyes !

Top left in my picture you can see a macro detail of the flower.

Dutch name : Harige ratelaar
German name : Zottiger Klappertopf
Latin name : Rhinanthus alectorolophus

Location : nature reserve ‘Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen’ at Mariakerke, Belgium.

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