A Rissian Accordion Player in Paris

A Rissian Accordion Player in Paris

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Glenn Capers

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A Rissian Accordion Player in Paris

When a Russian accordion player plays a classic French Song , you want to squat then throw out your arms and legs and shout "Hey", and wonder when Paris turned into Moscow. Its a fact that most of the French accordion players go to Greece to take in a little sun and olives and feta cheese. The good thing is that the French don't leave until they get their online pay pal to order replacement from Russian.

Its thought that the French are never giving up their secrete that keeps them French which is kind of like Italian Gondolas but without the boat and oar. The good thing is that once fall turns the leaves in Paris the real deal comes home. French accordion players turning Pairs into the city for lovers. The Russians go home. "Hey". :)))

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  • Cobrak 05/10/2012 11:40

  • Lene Thomsen 17/09/2012 0:18

    very nice :-))

  • Adele Oliver 15/09/2012 22:47

    a great street capture telling a story, makes me feel as if I am there !!
    greetings, Adele
  • MODEL STEFAN-ERIK IBOUNIG 15/09/2012 16:50

    ein echter Typ

  • BRYAN CRUTE 15/09/2012 9:54

    He looks as if he is also enjoying his trade ?
    My father used to play one so for me no bad memories or dislikes :-)

  • Dr. Labude 15/09/2012 9:43

    For quite a while I hated Accordion generally because you always hear these crappy foot pumps in the streets and they bother like a mosquito in the bedroom when you are eating outside. I even tried to give them money to stop playing but that doesn't work either. They play even louder. In summer I consider physical violence an appropriate defense. But I presume they are not only loud, they are also strong and have a brother with a gun. Worst is in the subway. Is it legal to pull the emergency brake in the metro when an accordion player enters?

    But then I heard Argentinian accordion players with the vintage German accordions in Buenos Aires and it was like fog vanishng and sun rising.

    Edit says: what an artist's face!