A Metro Plaza Moment

A Metro Plaza Moment

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A Metro Plaza Moment

A carefree winter afternoon, early February 2019, about a year before one
vile and scary word entered our vocabulary and day-to-day discourse...

I was doing some shooting at the Wiehle Avenue-Reston East Metro station - the current westernmost
stop along the Silver Line that will one day reach Washington Dulles International Airport - and the Metro
Plaza complex adjoining the station.

It's titled, simply, "A Metro Plaza Moment." But if you're perhaps looking for a
scary scenario for your cornucopia of 2020-inspired nightmares, here's one...

As three young women happily head for the Metro, the man freezes in his tracks, unable to believe his eyes
at what is about to unfold...as a woman far too scantily attired for February hauls back on her slingshot, preparing
to launch a heavy metal globe through the plate glass windows of the lobby of the Helmut Jahn designed
1900 Metro Plaza...at the precariously placed runner. (*)

He shouts a warning...but nothing comes out...his voice has...disappeared!

Or...you can just enjoy the light and forms in the sunshine of a winter afternoon, as captured on Ektachrome slide film.

Either way...pleasant dreams.

©2020 Steve Ember

Precariously Perched in a Disorienting Reality
Precariously Perched in a Disorienting Reality
Steve Ember

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