A lovely reflection

A lovely reflection

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Stephen Case

Free Account, Plymouth

A lovely reflection

I was really pleased with the reflection of the bridge on the water

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  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 29/08/2006 15:27

    yeah the white sky in the foregrouns reflected on the water is a bit distracting, but amazing colour and reflections
  • Julie Williams 10/08/2006 17:18

    beautiful green tones and reflection. I agree a crop at the bottom to take most of the white water and a slight sharpen on the bridge would give this a wow factor :-)
    I bet this would make an excellent location to shoot at sunset or sunrise!

  • Wayne Tsipouras 10/08/2006 16:31

    Superb reflection, as you say.
    Beautiful, serene image.
    Well done.

  • Theo Weijmer 10/08/2006 15:31

    Very nice picture and reflection, I only think there is to much of the water in the picture, if you had cropped it, it would have been much better.
    Greetings Theo
  • Josh Deuchars 09/08/2006 17:12

    Good picture.
    Nice reflection with the bridge there definately
    Josh =D