a little piece of rock&sand

a little piece of rock&sand

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Ilie Vasu

Free Account, Brasov

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  • Emil Maga 29/08/2006 12:22

    Another great shot from a great photographer.
    The attainment of all kinds of combined freedoms has not been able to prevent differences in levels of empathy and awareness being abused in justification of a sense of superiority, with "quality", that evil concept, causing intelligence to blur into illusion and veracity into obstinacy. Where the current level of awareness in a broader political and civilian sense keeps conflicts more or less non-violent and within human proportions, the artistic world has its self-proclaimed elite which, blinded by its own mistaken sense of superiority, freely indulges in revulsion while trying with all its might to elevate its own standards into rule of procedure.
    In the end, it all counts, the shot is just amaizing!
    Best regards,