A Good Day for a Sprint...

A Good Day for a Sprint...

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A Good Day for a Sprint...

Imagined conversation, along the Rhätische Bahn:

No.107 "Albula": You smug young Kleine Rote whippersnapper
(or whatever the Bündnersprache equivalent might be),
I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll chuff…and I’ll run you a damned good race!

Ge4/4 II No.614 "Schiers," not wishing to offend the old gal or her heritage,
simply hummmms a confident 50 Hz note and smiles inwardly…

Yes, this splendid day in early October of last year would certainly have been a good day for some vigorous sprinting in the Graubünden sunshine, but looks like the only one doing anything about at the moment it is the jogger on the path by the tracks.

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From the same day on the RhB, enjoying the old gal's glory...

RhB.107 "Albula"
RhB.107 "Albula"
Steve Ember

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