a flashback in time

a flashback in time

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Jennifer Thompson

Free Account, Wooster, Ohio

a flashback in time

This was just a lucky shot, I was going take a picture of the building, but cars just kept passing by infront of me. When I got ready for the shot, only one car was passing by, and made the picture....unique. Taken downtown, Wooster, Ohio.

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  • Mathias Blanck 07/11/2004 13:48

    Interesting motiv but grey in grey !
    More contrast and more sharpness need your photo !
    The date is a big mistake.
  • Georg Rotter 04/09/2004 22:34

    hat was - gefällt mir gut !
  • Olaf H.... 03/09/2004 21:08

    A picture with great potential. If you ask me waht I would do with it:
    Increase contrast strongly
    add grain
    remove date
    remove graffiti
    distort it so it looks straight (car is cut off in the rear already, so a bit more will not hurt)
    add a continious frame.
    Just an idea...
    but perhaps this was all done with intention, than just ignor my remark :-)
    best regards