A dream come out

A dream come out

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Julius Kielaitis

Free Account, Klaipeda/Vilnius

A dream come out

Made with SONY DSC R-1

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  • Jurate Jablonskyte 03/02/2010 23:33

    Ech ta vasara :)
    Smagi nuotaika !
  • Dirk Hofmann 27/08/2006 18:41

    interesting discussion ...

    @patrick: just to make sure: being a team member at fotocommunity doesn't necessarily mean that you are a good photographer ... there are some for sure, but i consider myself not as such ... :-)

    so my vote or comment shouldn't have influence on other peoples voting.

    if you read my comment above, i payed tribute to the set up without goint too deep into a technical review ... ;-) and it was made without having to think about a gallery entry ...

  • Christian Knospe 27/08/2006 18:01

  • Massimo Carolla 27/08/2006 18:01

    very good composition , but too much noise, sorry, contra
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 27/08/2006 18:01

  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 27/08/2006 18:01

    I don't understand that this has been taken with an R1: I see vignetting and dark left side. I'm sure this R1 definitely needs realigning!
  • JVision 27/08/2006 18:01

  • Robert Riley 27/08/2006 18:01

    What was all that about PG? Your technical knowledge always astounds us!!!!!! Basically crop the kite, and it might go forward, with a sympathetic audience. Contra.
  • Maguire 27/08/2006 18:01

    Nice image well taken but not (in my oppinion) for the gallery. contra
  • bruno. 27/08/2006 18:01

  • Peter Mertz 27/08/2006 18:01

  • Cees Kuijs 27/08/2006 18:01

    I give it a pro !!
  • Abdul Khaliq 27/08/2006 18:01

    Good shot. if go in details , as said by Patrick noise is their and also poles behind the person comes straight out of his right shoulders , this disturbs me.
  • Theo Weijmer 27/08/2006 18:01

  • Valfoto 27/08/2006 18:01

    This shot is a good example of use the thirds' rule .......
    Pro for me