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Irina Egorova

Free Account, Moscow

A Doll

Thanks so much for your comments and support!

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  • Michael-Rainbow-07 21/09/2008 22:11

    I like your picture, because it is going to broadcast a surrealistic atmosphere. Congratulation! Michael
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 11/05/2007 4:18

    such beautiful lighting, she is like a doll great facial expression also
  • Julia Kretsch 01/02/2007 18:39

    Irina, you know I love your work.
    Let me state that again.
  • Jeff Burgess 29/01/2007 1:25

    an unusual pic in the vein of John Stewart Sargeant - american artist of the 20th century. The colors fit the overall mood and the womans upright stance slightly offset on the canvas is just right. Nice. Jeff.
  • Pascal Viyer 27/01/2007 18:39

    beautiful ./
  • Boris Urmin 27/01/2007 13:32

    Thanks Irin. Very match.
    Doll ochen` vyrazitelnaya,
    opyat` udacha.
    U vas zapakhlo snegom -
    zaviduyu. Privet B.
  • hz 27/01/2007 9:49

    It is always a pleasure to see one of your rare pictures ! This one reminds me of a painters style who's name I cannot recall. I like it !
    Regards, HaPe