A deserved rest

A deserved rest

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Karl Stocker

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A deserved rest

I saw her carrying this huge pile of ferns down a steep path above Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China

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  • Karl Stocker 28/06/2009 18:23

    Thanks for the comment. I think I was so fascinated with her appearance, moments earlier she was visible only as a huge pile of moving ferns, suddenly she stopped and sat. Her face was so over the top, that I missed getting her old shoes in the picture as well. I realize now that they would have added to the image.
  • J. Meyer 27/06/2009 14:05

    Why did you cut her feet ? I think it was time enough to take the photo including feet.
  • Wolfgang Bazer 27/06/2009 13:04

    A very poor and very old lady who still has to work very hard. But she doesn's seem so unhappy, I like this picture very much.