A Curious Configuration

A Curious Configuration

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A Curious Configuration

A hotel restaurant’s sunny terrace on this early October afternoon in Arosa provided not only a delightful meal and splendid views of the holiday village’s surrounding Alps, but a choice view of the Rhätische Bahn’s Arosa-Line trains on their final climb to their mountain terminus.

The typical configuration of such trains is for the locomotive to be on the Arosa-bound end of the train
and a control-cab carriage at the “back,” which becomes the “front” on the journey back down to Chur.

But the trusty Ge 4/4 Series II electric locomotives of the Rhätische Bahn would seem to have no problems with “ego" or "pride of place." In several days of photographing the trains of the Arosa-Bahn, it was not uncommon to see the E-Lok in the middle of an RhB consist!

Curious…but entirely safe, as the engine driver has an unobstructed view of the track ahead,
as he controls the locomotive from the cab at the front of the lead carriage.

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Photo, Narrative, and Design ©2010/2011 Steve Ember

A more conventional Arosa-Bahn consist…

A Peaceful and Swiss-Orderly Coexistence
A Peaceful and Swiss-Orderly Coexistence
Steve Ember

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  • Bickel Paul 25/12/2011 14:17

    Feines Foto der RhB auf der Linie Chur - Arosa.
    Gruss Paul
  • uschner 23/12/2011 13:07

    Tolles Foto der RhB
    fast wie eine Modellbahn
    Gruß uschner
  • Thomas Reitzel 22/12/2011 12:16

    No THAT unusual as it may seem, from first glance!

    With push-pull units, this was not uncommon practice,
    mostly done when there were empty cars or the like to shuuffle from one station to another.
    Though, also "normal" train compositions, with the engine in between the cars, were, and, especially in Switzerland, are common.

    Of greater interest here is the fact that the last car behind the engine is one out of those "Fliegender Rhätier" - "Flying Rhaetian"-compositions, that RhB used to run during the fifties between Chur and St.Moritz; - early push-pull train consists made from an ABe4/4-emu(#501-504) and four or five of these cars which were painted red from origin.
    Well - still going stong!

    Best regards, Steve,


    ...ah, look here, another DB-example, taken by BP Koehler in the seventies at Frankfurt Hbf, post-car in between!!