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Jorge Gonzalez

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i'm not sure exactly what building it is but I think it has something to do with the mormons. It was taken out of my car window while i was stopped at a red light in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

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  • Neil Auty 01/04/2005 22:54

    Nice grainy mood shot.
  • Jorge Gonzalez 30/03/2005 21:05

    Thanks Leonard for your comment.Actually I didn't have to edit anything out but a lightpost that was in the way of the tower.
    Here's the original picture I took with absolutely no editing/corrections done to it
  • Leonard Archer 30/03/2005 14:08

    Oh, and nice shot!
  • Leonard Archer 30/03/2005 14:07

    I'm from SLC and I think that's the city&county building. The fact that you edited out all the buildings around the old tower makes this shot take on a old overseas type feel.
  • Jorge Gonzalez 30/03/2005 5:15

    @Jo.....unfortunately my German doesn't go beyond Hallo and Danke....only other languages I know are Spanish and a little bit of French and Russian.I'll work on it though
    @Jordan....no i didn't boost the ISO but I did have my camera settings on HQ with a 1/8 compression
    Thanks to everyone for the comments
  • Jordan Shepler 29/03/2005 22:30

    very nice... you say it is ISO 400, but did you push it to a higher ISO?
    with so much grain it looks like infrared film.
  • Jo-li Coeur 29/03/2005 14:46

    Hi Jorge:
    Great shot! The grain and the contrast makes it perfect. You sure about Salt Lake? Looks like Gotham City to me...:-)))
    Greets, Jo

    PS: Thanks for joining the FC. How is your German?
  • xxx xxx 28/03/2005 12:16

    Very good image, perfect shot.
    Where is it?regards, Jeane
  • Mathias Blanck 28/03/2005 9:08

    great shot, full of dramatic !