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Tor-Henrik Furmyr

Premium (Pro), Kristiansund N


Showing Stavneset Lighthouse outside Kristiansund against the sunset

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  • Arion Gadd 11/09/2006 2:52

    Very nicely done. And the subtle alterings in photoshop aid the picture towards the intended effect, which is what photography can be about, capturing what you can see, and poking it untill it looks like what you see :)
    brilliant picture.
  • Lady Bathory 30/08/2006 11:29

    der rote Punkt hinten linkas im Bild zieht meine Blicke magisch an!! Klasse
  • Andy Pomplun 30/08/2006 3:30

    I like it, I really do! Well, sharpening in photoshop or any other programm really isn't anything else than increasing the contrast. In this photo, which is really beautiful, I think you should have used some neat image or other to smooth it a bit after the sharpening, at least in parts.

  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 30/08/2006 3:24

    Thanks Arion! No, i didn't, i "massasged" it a little in the raw-converter in Photoshop, then cropped and smart-sharped it a little... and i have to say i did make the red light a little brighter
  • Arion Gadd 30/08/2006 3:20

    Nice! Did you use any filters to achieve this picture?