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Thin Grey Duke

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21 analog frames on ONE analog icon.. The Duke is dead, word is digital cancer got to him, either way, his sacrifices should not be forgotten:

"The Thin Grey Duke Icon" is a memorial symbol regarding the monetary system. It is here to remind us that we have to GET OUT of the monetary system, and when we´re free it will remind us not to let this world regime ever again get a tight grip around the fate of mankind.
Bye bye war, scarcity, powerty and .. oh this list is VERY long.

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"Orientation Presentation":


Absentia Books will soon have this project ready in print for you. It will be passed on to charity as we don`t want your money at Absentia Industries. We don´t need this ancient system of control, and frankly.. you don`t need it either.

Raise your glass high and let`s celebrate a future outside the monetary system, open up the doors again to a road of evolution. It`s time to dust off the shelves of stagnation that is the world today. Please help us by spreading the word.

AI Management, march 2010.

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