1) Walkabout S/E Asia. Evening bathing and laundry duties in the Naam Som River!!

1) Walkabout S/E Asia. Evening bathing and laundry duties in the Naam Som River!!

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John Moore

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1) Walkabout S/E Asia. Evening bathing and laundry duties in the Naam Som River!!

I am going to upload a collection of walkabout street scenes.
Walking down the road one evening I arrived at the bridge crossing the Naam Som River in Vang-Vieng Laos.
Here I noticed large groups of Laotian folk bathing and washing their clothing, this ritual is carried out twice daily.
Here you can see a young lady washing her clothing.
They arrive fully clothed, wrap a skirt around there bodies and strip from their garments.
Then all their clothes are placed in a bucket filled with water and soap and left on the bank.
Next they soap their bodies and have a good body wash, followed by the laundry duties.
Then dry themselves and dress in fresh clothing before heading home.
I stopped for a while, and though how we westerners would fair, walking down to a local river to carry out our daily hygiene duties twice a day, come rain, hail or steaming weather???
Think about it when you hop into the shower today?
I hope that you find some interesting scenes Brigitte?
Have a wonderfully happy day my friends.

Walkabout John.

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  • Oliver. Becker 30/03/2008 14:16

    Very nice - it`s typical.
    This is the live.
    ciao Oliver
  • Wilhelm H. 20/03/2008 16:34

    This is so typical. What an excellent work
  • Christian Knospe 16/03/2008 9:18

    hard work....

    greetings from chris ;-)
  • Brigitte Lucke 13/03/2008 21:57

    There is no river in Mallorca. So we are addicted to washing-machines and bathrooms.
    But when I have been on a trip far from any bathroom and all that stuff that we call civilization I already tried it out.
    I love this shot.
    Cheers Brigitte
  • Wolfgang Kölln 13/03/2008 21:17

    A very impressive documentation, John!
    Cheers Wolfgang
  • Anthony Harris 13/03/2008 21:17

    Just shows you how easy we have it.We do tend to take everything for granted.
    Great photo and like ive allways said, wish i was with you :_))
    Look after yourself and keep taking photo´s and telling stories, I allways look forward to them.
  • roswitha wesiak 13/03/2008 20:36

    twice a day? clean folk, super street rgds rosi
  • KasiaD 13/03/2008 19:52

    Quite an amazing ritual and simple way of life. As you say unimaginable for those of us who just walk into their shower room to bathe or switch on the washing machine to do their laundry.
  • Sabine KöllnXX 13/03/2008 19:37

    Excellently and beautifully captured - a real life scene and a reminder to appreciate the luxury of washing-machines, showers, and a vast selctions of clothes to choose from -
    but maybe also the loss of simple and pure contentness.
    Looking forward to more walkabout-pictures!
    Have a good time and take care!
    Liebe Gruesse Sabine
  • Gertie 13/03/2008 17:58

    It reminds me of Africa . There are made the same cermonies.
    And another reason is that people are meeting together...mostly I say many people doing their washing.
    Many greetings Gertrud
  • Cees Kuijs 13/03/2008 17:18

    Looks familair :-)))
    Good to hear from you again !! Take care !!!
    Greetings, Cees
  • J. Meyer 13/03/2008 12:35

    The rivers name is really Naam Som ?
    In Thai and Lao language Naam ist water and Som is orange.
    So if you order an orange juice, you can say "Naam Som".
  • Bogie 13/03/2008 10:28

    Hi John,
    a very impressive scene you're showing...I think I favor the convenience of my daily shower at home...God bless you...Norbert
  • CsomorLászló 13/03/2008 10:20

    A gorgeous shot from an other word!
  • Dragomir Vukovic 13/03/2008 8:41

    strong John